Macellum Advisors is known for creating long-term, sustainable operational improvements. We’re proud to nominate and successfully add operational diversity to boards of directors. In fact, our last six campaigns have resulted in more than 22 diverse and/or female directors joining boards of companies we’ve targeted.

Our Impact at Kohl’s

Macellum, as part of its campaign for change at Kohl’s Corporation, pushed for several initiates to benefit the environment and lower Kohl’s carbon footprint. Macellum’s initial letter to shareholders called for Kohl’s to pursue the following:

  1. LEED certifications for relevant properties and reduced energy consumption, speeding up progress towards the Company’s 2025 Sustainability Goals.
  2. Expanded electric charging station infrastructure to better serve customers (Kohl’s currently only has 229 electric charging spots across 100 locations).
  3. Installation of rooftop solar panels (Kohl’s currently operates only 164 solar arrays across the country) and wind turbines, dramatically lowering power costs.
    • On December 14, 2021, Kohl’s announced that it would implement Macellum’s suggestion for additional rooftop solar panels. The company has committed to adding solar panels on 15 store rooftops across Arizona and Illinois.

Our Impact at Citi Trends

After engaging with Citi Trends in 2017, Macellum successfully placed five new directors on the company’s board. Most recently, Citi Trends’ appointed Pamela Edwards as Chief Financial Officer, the first African American woman to hold the role in company history. Additionally, the Company appointed Cara Sabin and Christina Francis as Independent Directors to the Board, two highly accomplished business leaders and women of color who serve the African American community.

As the lead director of Citi Trends, Jonathan Duskin has been instrumental in the oversight of the Company’s initiatives in CSR, most notably:

Jonathan Duskin of Macellum Advisors at Columbia Business School’s Kilon Forum

Jonathan Duskin, CEO at Macellum Advisors, recently participated in the KPMG Peat Marwick/Stanley R. Klion Forum annual speaker series. The series, which is hosted by Columbia University’s Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics, features distinguished business, academic and policy leaders who are committed to resolving major ethical, social, political and economic challenges.