Macellum Capital Management is an activist investment firm founded in 2009 by Jonathan Duskin.  Macellum invests in undervalued companies that it believes can appreciate significantly in value as a result of a change in corporate strategy or improvements in operations, capital allocation or corporate governance.

Macellum’s investment team, advisors and network of industry experts draw upon their extensive strategic, operating and boardroom experience to assist companies in designing and implementing initiatives to improve long-term shareholder value.  Macellum prefers to constructively engage with management to improve its governance and performance for the benefit of all stockholders.

However, when management is entrenched, Macellum has run successful proxy contests to effectuate meaningful change.

Our Leadership

Jonathan Duskin

Mr. Duskin has served as Chief Executive Officer of Macellum Capital Management, LLC, which operates a New York based pooled investment fund since July 2009,…

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Aaron Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein is a Partner at Macellum Capital Management, LLC where he was instrumental in our successful proxy contests including The Children's Place,…

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D. Bret Cummings

Mr. Cummings has over 25 years of experience managing finance, operations and compliance for investment management firms. Mr. Cummings has previously served in…

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Austin Baker

Mr. Baker is a Senior Analyst at Macellum Capital Management, LLC, where he will help build on our success and grow our investment coverage within the retail…

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